Corrie Haffly

I whip web sites into submission, but I'm nice to everyone else.

Why use a designer?

Without a web designer, your experience could look like this:


  • Reading online tutorials about HTML and web development: 40 hours
  • Purchasing web development and graphics software: $300-$1000 / 5 hours of research
  • Purchasing books about web development and graphics: $20 / 2 hours at the bookstore
  • Building your first basic web page: 3 hours
  • Building your first basic web site: 20 hours
  • Unsuccessfully trying to figure out how to do that "cool thing you saw on so-and-so's web site": 40 hours
  • Purchasing a web site template to try to start from that: $80 / 3 hours of browsing
  • And you haven't even hit ecommerce, dynamic content, and other bells and whistles...

With my experience in web design and development, you'll get:

  • Professional design for your site
  • The knowledge of what works and what doesn't on the web
  • Well-structured navigation
  • Clean, fast-loading code
  • Practical experience with different features and technologies like ecommerce, dynamic content, and Flash
  • A site that doesn't break your budget

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About Corrie

  • The Photoshop Anthology Author of The Photoshop Anthology, published by
  • Director of Design & Development at Advantrics from 2000-2004
  • Created over 400 web site template designs
  • Authored web site development tutorials and articles for PixelMill and John Galt's Templates
  • Published on
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